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Feb 28, 2022

Cyber Security course At SYSIIT

Cybersecurity Myths and Presumptions By SysIntelligence Institute of Technology  

Misconceptions regarding cybersecurity, according to SysIIT’s s Cyber Security experts, may lead to workers falling prey to avoidable cyberattacks. One common misunderstanding is that Apple computers are intrinsically more secure than Windows computers. Because Mac users are under the mistaken notion that Macs cannot be compromised with malware, they may get complacent. 

Many people believe that viruses and malware only exist on Windows and that macOS is impervious. A virus/malware created for macOS can be infected, despite the false Apple marketing campaign stating a Mac can't receive PC viruses. Malicious applications and websites to steal your data or login credentials are constantly removed from Apple and Google's app stores. Even a MacBook requires a password, and password security is vital even if you don't use Windows. 

Another security misconception is that workers would be able to spot phishing attempts on their own. Social engineering attacks have the potential to affect a large number of workers. 

Organizations must educate their workers on cybersecurity, since data reveals that 60% of employees still accept attachments from unknown sources, and 50% of employees are duped every week by an email posing as an email from a member of their business. "It is critical that enterprises develop a tiered approach to cybersecurity resilience, with cybersecurity responsibility and awareness built profoundly across all aspects of organizational culture, to defend and mitigate attacks." It will be critical to providing frequent remote working cybersecurity awareness training to workers, with employers being encouraged to take the lead in keeping their staff informed about existing and emerging risks." 

By educating your staff on how to avoid social engineering attacks, SysIIT Cybersecurity training may provide a crucial layer of security for your firm.

Cyber Security Workshop


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