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How to become a business analyst ?

Posted on July 22, 2018


If you want to work as a business analyst, you’ll probably need to get some relevant training and certifications in your chosen field. A business analyst’s path to a job can be aided by coursework or certifications.


1. Improve your abilities as a business analyst.

These are some of the skills you’ll typically need as a business analyst.

  • Business acumen: If you have a firm grasp of financial, accounting, and business principles, you’ll be better equipped to identify and resolve any operational problems that arise.
  • Communication: It’s not uncommon for a business analyst to regularly interact with the company’s upper management and other teams. As a business analyst, it is important to be able to communicate your ideas effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Data analysis: A key responsibility of a business analyst is to collect, track, and analyze performance metrics. Tableau, Excel, and other data analysis and visualization tools can be helpful. Knowing a programming language such as SQL may also be beneficial in this situation.
  • Business analysis methodologies: Certain methodologies, like Agile Business Analysis, Six Sigma, or Rational Unified Process, may be useful, depending on your industry and role.
  • Industry expertise: Businesses in various sectors face various issues and challenges. The process of creating business solutions for an IT firm may be distinct from that of a health care organization. Even if you’ve held a different position within the company, you’ll have an advantage when applying for new positions.


2. Take a course.

Making sure you’re up to date on the skills employers expect from business analysts can help you land a job offer. Coursework, whether in person or online, can help you get your foot in the door in the business analytics field.

Take a data analytics or business analytics course to better understand your career path. Alternatively, take courses in Tableau, Excel, or MySQL to become more familiar with the tools used in business analytics.

3. Become a certified business analyst.

Earning more money or being more competitive for jobs is possible if you obtain a certification.

4. Begin with a low-level position.

Taking on internships and entry-level positions in accounting, finance, or business can help you gain valuable experience before you move up the ladder. Junior business analyst or entry-level business analyst are good titles to look for in your job search. Making an appointment with a career counsellor while you’re still in school can help you learn about the various options available to you.


Business Analyst’s Salary

According to, business analysts can expect an average salary of $61,669 as of June 2021.


The next step

If you think a career in the business analysis might be for you, look into ways to improve your current skill set. You can learn a lot about the industry by taking business analytics courses.


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