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Key Responsibilities of a Data Analyst and how much do Data Analysts make ?

Posted on May 22, 2023

Key Responsibilities of a Data Analyst and how much do Data Analysts make?


The answer to the question “What does a data analyst do?” varies depending on the type of organization and the extent to which a company has implemented data-driven decision-making methods. However, in general, a data analyst’s tasks often include the following:


Designing and managing data systems and databases, including the correction of coding errors and other data-related issues.


Data mining from primary and secondary sources, followed by data reorganization in a manner that can be easily read by both humans and machines.


Using statistical methods to analyze data sets, with a focus on trends and patterns that could be useful for diagnostic and predictive analytics initiatives.


demonstrating the importance of their work in the context of local, national, and global issues affecting their business and industry


Creating reports for executive leadership that use appropriate data to effectively communicate trends, patterns, and projections.


Collaborating with programmers, engineers, and corporate executives to discover process improvement possibilities, recommend system changes, and build data governance policies.


Developing suitable documentation that enables stakeholders to understand the processes of the data analysis process and, if necessary, duplicate or reproduce the analysis.


What Do Data Analysts Make?


A data analyst’s annual pay typically ranges from around $60,000 to $138,000. According to the job listings on the sites, positions at financial and technological organizations pay more than the average.


The data analyst position is also an excellent stepping stone to more senior data-driven positions. Data analysts advance to positions such as senior data analyst, data scientist, analytics manager, and business analyst, according to PayScale. These positions also come with significant compensation hikes. According to IBM’s forecasts, data scientists will earn over $95,000 per year, while analytics managers will earn nearly $106,000 per year.


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