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Project Management
Project Management
Cloud DevOps Engineer
Cloud DevOps Engineer
System Administrator / Support Analyst
System Administrator / Support Analyst
Business Systems Data Analyst
Business Systems Data Analyst
Full-Stacks Development
SysIIT's FullStacks Development program is the most comprehensive Java and AngularJS programs in Mississauga. Geared towards intermediate Developers, this program takes a deep dive into the most in-demand skills in software development.
CyberSecurity Analyst
30% of Canadian companies have faced an increase in cybersecurity attackers since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Now, more than ever before, CyberSecurity Analysts are needed to ensure the public's safety.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing any computing that is done on a remote server over the web rather than locally. Cloud services range from simple remote storage to highly sophisticated off-site data processing and analysis.
Data Science Specialization
A 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income for the typical Fortune 1000 company.
BI & Data Analytics
55% of companies are using data sources, analytics and dashboards more often or much more often than before COVID-19.
Cisco Certified Network Associate