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What is AWS Certification and Why it is important ?

Posted on October 22, 2017

AWS certifications are one of the most in-demand IT certifications right now, and it’s expected that their popularity will grow by a factor of ten in the next few years. This blog post about the AWS Certification path will talk about the benefits of the different AWS learning paths, its roadmap, job opportunities, and the best ways to study for the different AWS exams.

AWS has set a standard for its certifications because it is the most popular cloud provider. With its role-based exams and certifications, AWS stands out for its thorough and rigorous ways of testing Cloud Computing skills. There are 4 different levels of AWS Certifications: Foundational-level certifications, Associate-level certifications, Professional-level certifications, and Specialty certifications. This blog will explain what you need to know about AWS certification.

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Why is AWS Certification important?

As was said earlier in this blog, AWS certification exams are known for thoroughly testing the most in-demand cloud skills. So, if you are AWS certified, it means you have the most industry-specific cloud skills that have been verified by the world leader in the Cloud Computing field.

Not only that, but Gartner says that Amazon’s cloud is ten times bigger than all of its other 14 competitors put together. This shows that more and more companies are choosing AWS, which means you will have more job opportunities if you are certified in AWS.

Let’s list the wonderful things about AWS Certification in the table below:

Criteria                                                  With AWS Certification                           Without AWS Certification

Benchmark for organizations                    YES                                                         NO

Validated in-depth knowledge                   YES                                                         NO

Salary                                                            EXCELLENT                                          AVERAGE

Acceptance                                                    GLOBAL                                                LIMITED


How do I become AWS certified?

Even though there are no set steps, here are the most strategic ones you can take to become AWS certified:

  • Sign up for an AWS certification course.
  • Read through the study guides and test guides carefully. The same information can be found on the Internet. If you’ve signed up for training classes, you’ll be given study and exam guides to help you get ready for the relevant certification exam.
  • Make sure you know what’s going on with AWS whitepapers.
  • Explore the AWS cloud platform and use it.
  • Get real-world experience and exposure to the business world through AWS projects.
  • Once your training classes are over, schedule the test.


How long does it take to get certified by AWS?

How someone answers this question depends on how much experience they have with AWS. If a candidate is completely new to Cloud Computing but has general IT experience, passing an AWS certification exam can take up to 90–100 hours of focused study. It is up to the candidates to decide how they will spend their 90 hours of learning time.


Role-based AWS Certifications

As of now, AWS has 12 certifications. These certifications are divided into groups based on the core jobs in the cloud that are important to each industry. Here are some examples:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • AWS Network Engineer

AWS has different exams that must be passed in order to get a role-based certification. Depending on the certification level and its requirements, some of these exams are required, and some are not. All of the role-based certifications and their exams are put into the following groups based on how hard they are:

Foundational: Foundational exams are not required, but they should be taken if you can. These tests are meant to see if you know the basics of Cloud Computing.

Associate: In order to move on to the next level, you have to pass the associate-level tests.

Professional: Professional-level exams show that a person has advanced skills in the cloud area.

Specialization: Specialization exams are usually made to test the skills needed for a certain type of technology, such as Data Analytics, Security, Networking, etc. Specialty exams are not required, but those who want to specialize in a certain area of Cloud Computing can take them.


I hope this short article helped you clear some of your doubts about AWS Certification, Thanks for reading.

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