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Why Should You Learn Microsoft Power BI?

Posted on June 22, 2008

Why Should You Learn Microsoft Power BI?

There is more data on the globe than we can use. Every firm is flooded with data regarding procedures, goods, operations, customers, and everything else. If it has a digital presence, it is somewhere out there.


The more we can learn from customer behavior data, the more accurate our projections will be. We’ll need the correct tools for the job. This is where Microsoft Power BI comes into play.


Microsoft Power BI by The Numbers


Microsoft Power BI, as indicated in this blog article, is the industry-leading business intelligence tool, with over 115 million users – and rising. This is THE data solution of choice for businesses worldwide. The Power BI market was worth more than $20 billion in 2020, and it is expected to double by 2026. Power BI is in high demand and continues to expand.


It’s no wonder that data analysis, business analysis, and business intelligence are in high demand. Candidates with business analysis abilities can find work in almost any industry because most businesses want data specialists to assist them to make better decisions. A short search on LinkedIn reveals that there are over 200,000 business analyst positions available on any given day.


As a present or potential business analyst, you’re certain to come into contact with Power BI.


What is Microsoft Power BI?


So, what is the key to the success of Microsoft Power BI? It’s safe, it incorporates a lot of technology in one area, and it’s simple to set up. These considerations make it a no-brainer for many businesses.


Microsoft Power BI is essentially a set of software services, applications, and connections that work together to transform disparate data sources into coherent, visually engaging, and interactive insights. You may use it to connect to any type of data source and create amazing data visualizations.


On the Microsoft Power BI website, it states boldly that you can “bridge the gap between data and decision making.” Importantly, this does not only refer to decisions you make; it also refers to decisions you are accountable for establishing. If you have a mountain of information on, say, consumer buying habits and need to generate a report that breaks these behaviors down into meaningful patterns that a product department can use to schedule releases… that’s where Microsoft Power BI comes in.


What Can You Do with Power BI?


Microsoft Power BI is made up of three main components. When combined, these elements transform you into an efficient and competent business analyst.

Power Pivot

Power Pivot is defined as “a data modeling solution that allows you to design data models, establish associations, and do computations” (Microsoft). Power Pivot allows you to work with massive information, construct connections, and do computations all in one location – and all within Excel.


Power Query

Power Query is Microsoft’s data connection and data preparation tool that lets you to access and modify data from hundreds of different sources. Power Query requires no coding and has a straightforward, user-friendly interface.


Power View

This component enables you to customize your data. It’s visualization software that allows you to make “charts, graphs, maps, and other graphics to bring your data to life” (Microsoft). It is compatible with Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Power BI.


Should You Teach Yourself Power BI?


Learning how to utilize Microsoft Power BI is a difficult task. You can’t call yourself an expert after spending a few hours on YouTube. The Microsoft Power BI software is simple to use, yet it is still complicated. More than just the fundamentals are required to fully reap the benefits of the platform.


We also enjoy fumbling about in the dark and collapsing. It’s a really… experiential method of learning. However, if you want to use Microsoft Power BI in your present or future profession and want to reap its benefits sooner rather than later, we recommend investing in some training.


Learning with the “Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI” Skill Path


Our “Beginner to Pro Data with Microsoft Power BI” skill path will take you from novice to expert in only a few months.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn along the way:


·        How to Use the Power BI User Interface

·        How to clean, convert, load, and structure data Modeling.

·        How to Tell a Story with Meaningful Visuals, Dashboards, and Reports

·        Workspace management

·        How to Conduct a Business Analysis


Come and explore your path with Sysiit’s mentor, reduce down your learning curve and be job-ready in just a few weeks.





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